high density foods, protein to help you lose weight

When you hear “eat more and weigh less”, your first inclination may be to think the person is either crazy or dreaming. However, eating more to weigh less is factual, based in statistics, and this is actually the healthiest way to lose weight.

NutritionFacts.org explains in the You Tube video on its site that some foods are “low-energy dense.” What this means is the food weighs a lot, but the calories are low. The video references a study where people added three pears or three apples to their diet every day without making other changes, and as a result, they actually lost weight.

Fruit is low in calories compared to many other foods. It wasn’t the fiber content in the fruit that caused the weight loss. With fruits, you get a lot of food but with comparatively few calories for the weight/mass of the food. As a result, you feel full. You tend to eat less other foods that are high-energy dense.

What foods are low in energy density? Water, fruit, and vegetables.

What foods are high-energy dense foods? Soda, for one, is a lot higher than it seems. Meat and sugar are high and so are fats, like bacon.

People tend to eat based on food weight. After eating a certain bulk amount, their stomach feels full, and they don’t want to eat anymore. Eating a lot of low-density foods will fill you up and yet provide you with fewer calories. The best way to increase the amount of low-energy-density in eating, is:

Lower the sugar-fat content.

Increase the amounts of vegetables and fruits you eat.

Doing both is the fastest way to lose weight.

What else would you like to know about health and nutrition?

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