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Most people believe that calories in and calories burned is how you manage weight gain and weight loss. We all know that exercise burns calories. So, it stands to reason if you reduce your caloric intake and increase your exercise, the pounds will melt away. In most cases this is true.

However, oddly enough, this standard approach doesn’t work for everyone, and there’s a good reason why.  An interesting article appearing in Institute of the Psychology of Eating explains why it doesn’t always work.

When you’re happy, cortisol and insulin levels tend to stay in a good range. In contrast, stress increases cortisol and insulin levels, which make your body produce inflammatory chemicals. The “survival metabolism” kicks in and the body stops building muscle and starts storing fat. When this phenomenon sets in, you can cut calories and run marathons and you won’t lose weight.

If you’re anxious about losing weight and your form of exercise feels more like duress than fun, you’re not doing your body or your goal to lose weight any favors. You’re creating stress and your body responds accordingly. In the Psychology of Eating article, the dietician took a gal off of marathon running and had her do some lighter exercise she enjoyed. He also increased the proteins and fats in her diet and within a few months she lost the weight she wanted.

So, the lesson learned is:

Eliminate the stressful exercise that put the metabolism into survival mode

Be happy and choose a form of exercise you enjoy

Don’t make your body think it’s starving or it will store fat

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