During workouts, if you don’t have the proper nutritional boost, your body may burn muscle and glucose instead of fat, which defeats the purpose of your workout.

The good news is: there is a product with nutrients that you can use for pre-workout preparation so that doesn’t happen. It puts your body in the best state to burn fat during your workout.

Ketosis: The Body’s Fat Burning Mode

The fat burning state where your body burns stored fat as its primary source of energy is called “ketosis.”

Your body produces ketones when there isn’t enough insulin in the blood to use sugar for energy. Also, your body produces ketones when it burns fat for energy. In fact, the body produces ketones as a response to starvation, which gets the body to break down fat. Assuming that someone isn’t diabetic, the body regulates the blood sugar so sugar levels don’t rise too high when ketones are being produced.


BEST PRE WORKOUT is a product containing ingredients that raise the level of ketones in your body after you take it. One ingredient in the formula is called Beta-Hdyroxybutrate (BHB). BHB consists of calcium, sodium and magnesium in a salt form.

BHB helps maintain your blood sugar levels during a workout so your body is less likely to resort to muscle and glucose for energy and more inclined to use fat instead.

BEST PRE WORKOUT contains other ingredients that also help you by:

Boosting energy so you can train harder and longer

Maintaining a clear and enhanced mental focus

Avoiding water retention and bloating

Make Your Workouts More Effective

Take BEST PRE WORKOUT and maximize your ability to burn fat and build muscle.

At Smoothie Factory Nutrition Depot, we have many different products that can help with body building and promoting better health. Drop in and see us.

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