creatine for building muscle

Creatine is a natural substance that the body converts into energy for your muscles. Meat, fish and other foods rich in protein are sources of creatine.

Athletes began using creatine supplements in the 1990’s based on scientific research showing creatine may benefit athletic performance. Today, approximately 40 percent of college and professional athletes use creatine supplements according to WebMD.

Creatine Benefits

Krissy Kendall, PhD explains there are six benefits from using creatine as part of your daily nutrition:

  • Improved Aerobic Performance and Recovery. While increasing the amount of creatine in your diet leads to greater strength, power and ability to train, it also helps with endurance. It does this by increasing the glycogen stores in your body.
  • Increased Bone Mineral Density. Increased bone density is particularly beneficial for women over 50 who experience fractures due to osteoporosis. The bone mineral increase may be related to increases in muscle mass.
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism. Research indicates that glycemic control improves for type 2 diabetics when combining creatine supplements with an exercise program.
  • Improved Brain Performance. According to research findings, as little as five days of creatine can markedly reduce mental fatigue and improve the brain’s use of oxygen.
  • Reduced Oxidative Stress. Intense training and endurance athletics typically release free radicals in your system that lead to oxidative stress. You can experience muscle fatigue and reduced muscle growth. Creatine’s antioxidant effects counteract these symptoms and help you recover more rapidly.
  • Increased Protection Against Traumatic Brain Injury. Research showed that creatine increased recovery time and reduced symptoms like impaired communication, dizziness and headaches. Animal studies showed less inflammation and death from brain injury for animals fed creatine.
  • We Can Suggest Products Containing Creatine for Workouts and Overall Health

We’re glad to provide you with information about products and tell you more about creatine. Drop in and see us.

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