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Many people try to control their allergies with good nutrition, diet and supplements. If allergic to certain foods, they’ll use healthy substitutes.

But what if there were another way? A scientific way?

Nanotechnology and food allergies

A video released in April, 2016 by Science Daily talks about experiments done on mice to treat food allergies. Scientists used nano- sized pieces of metal or plastic. Nano means one-billionth. For example, a nano-second is one-billionth of a second. Nanotechnology controls particles that are the size of molecules and atoms, and it first emerged as a scientific field more than three decades ago. However, today scientists and engineers are exploring many different uses for nanotechnology.

Nanotech Experiments on Mice Allergies

At Northwestern University, scientists were able to hide egg protein inside nano particles and sneak the particles past mice’s immune systems. These mice were so allergic to egg protein that it caused them to have asthma attacks. However, by sneaking egg protein in a way that the immune system couldn’t detect it, the mice’s bodies adjusted. Their immune systems learned that egg protein wasn’t harmful and reaction wasn’t necessary. After one nanotech treatment, the mice were cured of the allergy. Researchers are now testing nano particles on mice that are allergic to peanuts.

Here’s where this science may go mainstream on the human level. Because nanotechnology was successful in human trials that treated patients with Multiple Sclerosis, researchers will begin testing with nanotechnology on human allergies.

Make life healthier and more fun

If you’re allergic to milk, wheat, eggs or peanuts, no doubt you take extra precautions to avoid such foods and eat healthy. Avoiding foods that can trigger allergic reactions is vital for feeling good.

Until nanotech for allergies moves past the research stages, you’d better stick with proper nutrition and other remedies.

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