New years are exciting because they offer the opportunity for a fresh start and give you hope for making improvements. Even so, we’ve all experienced making our list of New Year’s resolutions so long that we feel overwhelmed instead of encouraged. Another common mistake is making your resolutions so lofty that you’ve set the bar too high and consequently never make any changes.

Fox News published an article that offered helpful tips for New Year’s resolutions. Focus on changes that are age appropriate and just tackle one change at a time. Here are some ideas for different age groups.

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For people in their 30’s

Set time aside to turn off technology and engage in face-to-face interaction so you can tune in more to other people.

Get rid of stress by identifying one source of stress and then tackling it. List 3 healthy stress coping mechanisms and chose one to use during the day. For example, take a walk.

For people in their 40’s

Think of one thing you can do to improve your relationship with your partner and do it.

De-kludge. Tackle a cluttered area and throw out what you don’t need and organize it.

For people in your 50’s

Decide to change your eating habits by changing one thing to make your diet healthier — whether it’s cutting down on sugar, reducing salt use or eating healthy snacks. When evaluating what to change, keep a food log for a week to get an idea of what your eating habits are.

Say “Yes” to something or someone each day for a month. Feel the freedom of being fearless and notice how good makes you feel.

For people 60 and over

Make your bucket list and don’t hold back. Pick one thing on the list and do it.

Find out what health screens are recommended for you and do them.

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